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Introducing new Claudia Landeen Principal, Marla Carillo-Kelly.

Mariners, meet your new captain! Marla Carrillo-Kelly joins us as principal for the 2022-23 school year. Ms. Carrillo-Kelly is starting her 12th year in Lincoln Unified School District. Before coming to Claudia Landeen, she spent more than a decade working at Lincoln High School. For her first eight years at the campus, Ms. Carrillo- Kelly taught Spanish level 1 and 2 courses as well as Spanish classes for Spanish speakers. Her instruction took a more academic approach to the language, helping students improve their reading and writing while learning more about the history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. She then served as Lincoln High's assistant principal for three years.

During her time at Lincoln High, Ms. Carrillo-Kelly worked with both students and parents through Lincoln Latin Leadership. She helped inform Latinx families about the path toward graduation, and the post-high school paths that are available for students. In addition to organizing presentations on campus, Ms. Carrillo- Kelly also oversaw a number of college visits. Under her leadership, students involved with LLL got to tour universities including University of the Pacific, Stanislaus State, UC Berkeley and Stanford University.

As she moves to the K-8 educational level at Claudia Landeen, Ms. Carrillo-Kelly intends to help students prepare for their post-high school futures before they even start the 9th grade. She will work with 5th-8th graders through our Avid Program, giving them opportunities to consider careers of all kinds that will bring them growth and joy in life.

This school year, Ms. Carrillo- Kelly looks forward to strengthening extracurricular programs while bringing back activities like a school play and talent show. She intends to improve outreach by teaming up with Wellness Center staff members to remind parents, “You’re student is wanted here.” Ms. Carillo-Kelly reminds it takes an entire crew to keep a ship afloat! Please welcome Marla to the Mariners family!