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Introducing new Village Oaks Principal, Veronica Tigert.

Veronica Tigert is our new principal for the 2022-23 school year! She joins us at Village Oaks after more than two decades of service across Lincoln Unified School District.

Ms. Tigert got her start with Lincoln Unified as a 6th grade teacher at Mable Barron School. She  later served as assistant principal for Lincoln High School, director of digital instruction for the district, and most recently as principal for Claudia Landeen School. In each of these positions, Ms. Tigert has strived to give every student an opportunity for success.

Ms. Tigert believes in Village Oaks as a place where students can find professional opportunities and make connections in their community. To Ms. Tigert, a quality high school education is essential, since it is one of the last opportunities for students to receive guidance before they start making decisions as adults.

Welcome to Village Oaks, Ms. Tigert!