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Introducing new Tully Knoles Principal, Paul King.

Meet Paul King, your new principal at Tully C Knoles! He has been committed to TCK families as an assistant principal, and he looks forward to becoming a full-time leader for the 2022-23 school year.

Mr. King says he's always had a soft spot for TCK. His children went to school here years before he even considered a career in education.  Mr. King used to be a financial consultant, but his volunteer at TCK encouraged him to pursue a teaching credential. In 2006, he became a resource specialist for special education at  Lincoln Unified School District. Mr. King says this role shaped his belief that every student can learn, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status. Before joining TCK, King also spent time as assistant principal at Lincoln Elementary, Mable Barron Brookside & Claudia Landeen. He's grateful to have seen a variety of leadership stvles, and he intends to bring all of his positive experiences with him to his leadership as principal in the fall. Though becoming a principal was not his original goal, Mr. King says the overwhelmingly positive feedback he's received from TCK staff has made him confident about his new job.

As principal, Mr. King has three goals for TCK. He wants to lead the district in literacy through the Accelerated Reader program. He aims to bring students outside for Interactive Learning in the Life Lab and he intends to run TCK as a welcoming community for all families, encouraging parents to take an active role in their child's education by visiting campus whenever possible. Mr. King says: "I want you to feel welcome and safe on this campus, and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities we are going to provide.”