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Youth Truth Survey

LHS values your feedback.  The online survey will only take 15 minutes of your time.  This information helps us improve the school. We have asked YouthTruth – a nonprofit organization that supports hundreds of schools and districts across the country – to conduct an anonymous survey on our behalf.

You can access the survey by clicking this link:

Please note:

  • The survey needs to be completed in one sitting.

  • We ask that one member of each household fill out the survey.

  • If you have more than one child who attends the same school, you may respond to the survey multiple times - one time per child.

  • If you write any comments, please do not include your name or anything else that might identify you. Your responses are anonymous, and they will be combined with the responses of other parents and guardians before being shared back with school and district leadership.

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. Your response is incredibly valuable to us.