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Introducing new Don Riggio Asst. Principal Natalie Celiz.

Meet Natalie Celiz, a longtime member of the Don Riggio family and our new assistant principal! Mrs. Celiz has been with Don Riggio since 2015, when she joined us as a first grade teacher. She taught for four years before becoming the school's reading intervention teacher. In this role, Mrs. Celiz provided small group support for students who were reading below grade level, giving them opportunities to work together and improve their literacy skills. Now, she looks forward to a new challenge in an administrative position on campus.

Mrs. Celiz sees her new role as an opportunity to serve families throughout our community. With her past experience as a teacher, she hopes to work directly with our instructors by visiting classrooms and finding solutions to any issues a class may face. Mrs. Celiz will use the relationship-building skills she learned as a teacher to help continue Don Riggio's welcoming atmosphere.

One of Mrs. Celiz's goals as assistant principal is to continue promoting our music classes, along with our visual and performing arts programs. Don Riggio students can look forward to the return of our dance festival and spring art show, along with school-wide theater productions involving all grade levels. Mrs. Celiz is also looking for ways to improve attendance for all grades, making sure all students feel comfortable on campus. This process will involve the continued implementation of PBS exercises, along with restorative problem-solving techniques through our counseling department.

Mrs. Celiz wants all Don Riggio families to feel at home here. She says: "I want them to feel welcome. I want them to feel included. I want them to feel supported… we’re always available.” Please welcome Natalie to the Dolphin family!