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ParentSquare offers a way for parents and guardians to stay informed and connected with staff at our schools. By going to or using the ParentSquare app, families can access the following information:

  • School announcements and newsletters posted by principals
  • Project descriptions and deadlines from teachers
  • Districtwide updates from the Lincoln Unified Superintendent's office
  • Dates and times for public events at Lincoln Unified schools
  • Locations, dates and times for upcoming field trips and fundraisers

If you have not created a ParentSquare account, you may download the app on your smart device and do the following, per ParentSquare's directions:

  1. Open the ParentSquare app.
  2. Enter your email or cell phone number.
  3. Tap Continue. (Note: If your email or phone number is not recognized by ParentSquare, you can "Request Access" or call your school office and ask them to update your contact information.)
ParentSquare: email or cell phone number; Continue

4.  Create and confirm your password.

ParentSquare: Create Your Password

 5.  Enter your registration code sent by email or text and tap Verify. (Note: If your registration link has expired, a new one will need to be sent to you. Please contact your school's admin and ask for a new link to be sent to you.)

ParentSquare: Please check your email for your ParentSquare registration code

The above information was taken directly from For this and additional information after you register for ParentSquare, you may use this link:

ParentSquare uses parent contact information from Aeries. Any phone numbers, addresses or email addresses entered by a parent or guardian on Aeries will appear to administrators as the primary contact information for that parent or guardian.

Contacts; Father; lives with; primary contact; Ed Rights Holder; Ed Level: Declined to state/unknown; Cell

When you register for ParentSquare, we encourage you to use the same email address and phone number that are connected to your Aeries account. This is necessary for ParentSquare to synchronize with your Aeries data and properly notify you when messages are posted.

If you need help information on Aeries, you may use this link: