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General Mental Health

Our on-campus counselors and therapists encourage students to be honest about their feelings and concerns. We provide safe spaces for students to describe problems that may arise in both their academic and personal lives. For those seeking further support when they return home from school, these online resources are available.

ACEs Aware: This statewide initiative highlights health care to help those who face trauma and stress from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The website includes resources with science-driven information that may help students further understand the mental health related issues they face.

Local Organizations:

El Concilio: This community-driven nonprofit is headquartered here in Stockton. They are dedicated to low-income and marginalized populations, with resources available for local HIspanic families. These include family wellness and behavioral support, along with workshops, seminars and free citizenship classes for those who have recently immigrated to the U.S.

Valley Community Counseling Services: This local nonprofit corporation sends trained counselors to work with students at school sites, including those in Lincoln Unified School District. The nonprofit provides online resources for mental health services, early intervention, parenting education and more. Programs are also available for students and families who face issues involving drug use and domestic violence.