No Bully Policy

  • Our staff have been trained on how to identify, interrupt, and report instances of bullying. Students are also informed how to report instances they witness or encounter themselves. Once reports have been made, a staff member will reach out to the target of bullying to create a Solution Team. The team is made up of the bully and leaders in their grade or peer group, who work together on a solution to stop the problem moving forward.

    Bullying happens when at least one student repeatedly tries to hurt, humiliate or get power over another student. This can involve physical force, verbal insults or threats, social media messaging, or gossip.

    It’s important to clarify that this is different from conflict, when one student perceives another as an obstacle to what they want or value. At Don Riggio School, we are committed to helping students talk their way out of a conflict if there is no consistent pattern of bullying involved.

    Bullying may also amount to harassment. It’s considered harassment when a student is targeted because of their gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, race or ethnicity, or an actual or perceived disability. We are committed to addressing any reports of bullying or harassment quickly and efficiently.