• Our After School Extended Services (ASES) provide academic, social and experiential activities for children Monday through Friday from dismissal time until 6 p.m. With the ASES Program, we aim to achieve the following goals:
    1. To provide a safe, nurturing environment where students will learn and have fun.
    2. To provide students with engaging opportunities that develop an understanding of self, their own interests, and skills that will lead them to develop a sense of individual purpose, an understanding of cultural contributions, and give meaning and direction to learning.
    3. To provide a well-rounded program that prompts a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition and physical activity.
    4. To provide students with a connection to the variety of programs and opportunities available in our community by developing strong relationships with community partners.
    5. To provide a link between the school day programs and the after school program.
    For more information, call the ASES office at (209) 953-9745.