• We offer football, volleyball, softball and basketball at Village Oaks.

    Students of all grades may sign up for these teams, which will participate in tournaments with other alternative education schools.

  • Basketball

    The Village Oaks basketball team is led by Coach Ryan Murray and Assistant Coach Dustin Allen.

    Every February, Village Oaks hosts the annual President’s Jam Tournament, an Alternative High School basketball tournament held at the Arnold Rue Community Center in Stockton. At this tournament, the Vikings have hosted teams from the following:

    • Stein High School of Tracy  
    • Valley Community High School of Los Banos  
    • Olympic High School of Concord  
    • Sequoia High School of Merced  
    • La Paloma High School of Brentwood 
    • Yosemite High School of Merced 

    If your Alternative High School is interested in playing, please contact Ryan Murray.

    For more information, you can watch this video about Village Oaks Basketball: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0JLnJgru-o

  • Football

    The Village Oaks football team is led by head coach Brandon Smith and assistant coach Alex Lara.

    This past season, Village Oaks took first place at the Bob Hobbs Classic tournament for the first time in the history of our program. The Vikings took part in this competition with the following teams:

    • Stein High School of Tracy  

    • Ripperdan High School of Madera  

    • Del Puerto High School of Patterson 

    • Sequoia High School of Merced 

    • Yosemite High School of Merced 

    • San Luis High School of Los Banos

  • Questions?

    To learn more about our sports teams, you may contact Ryan Murray or Hayley Agardy.