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LUSD Dept of Public Safety Announcement

Lincoln Unified School District - Department of Public Safety

"Safer School for a Better Tomorrow"

The Lincoln Unified School District Department of Public Safety serves the roughly 9,800 students and 1,000 employees of LUSD on a twenty-four hour, seven day a week basis. Our officers are required to receive training from the California Peace Officers Standards and Training, in order to better protect and serve the LUSD community. LUSD Department of Public Safety has one Director, one Sergeant, and fourteen (14) School Safety Officers. Each officer is assigned to a school within the district, as well as patrolling the district to preserve life and property.

LUSD officers are multifaceted in their duties. All officers are very involved with their school sites. Every school day starts with officers helping out with morning traffic, greeting parents and students, and helping with morning assemblies. Officers assist staff with recess and lunchtime duties, conduct school safety presentations, assist with student conflict mediation and resolution, and spend time with students as a peer, mentor, and friend. Officers’ involvement goes beyond the school day. Several of our officers work as coaches for high school sports teams, and as positive mentors.

LUSD’s Department of Public Safety officers strive daily to present a positive view of an officer. "Humanizing the Badge" is at the top of our officers' list, because - of course - we are all human. School Safety Officers are parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, spouses, and ultimately friends to our family and community. We like to wave to people, get out of our car and greet people, and even share a meal. Do not hesitate to say "Hi"! We would love to get to know as many people in our community as possible. Our goal is to bridge the gap, and learn more about our community - not just about you - but who you are and what your life and culture are all about.

Following a community involvement model, LUSD officers are committed:

- to the safety and security of our students
- to the staff and faculty
- to our schools
- to the district

- to the surrounding Stockton community
all while being a positive role model for our students.