Family Resources for Kids at Home

Student & Family Support Phone Line

The purpose of the Support Line is to be a resource for our families and students to access available District and Community Based Services that are available during the period of school closure. The line will be staffed Monday - Friday from 8:00AM - 3:00PM. You may call this number (209) 952-7814 during these hours.  The support line can address:


  1. Supporting families with resources who are addressing their child’s stress/anxiety from the change in routine as a result of school closure 
  2. Supporting students who feel they want to harm themselves or are experiencing suicidal thoughts 
  3. Providing families and/or  students information about community agencies 
  4. Giving up to date information on LUSD’s food schedule
  5. Providing directions to gain access to the district website for educational resources
  6. And More! We want to support our students and families during this time.  If you need access to a resource or support, please call so we can help!



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