bullyinghurtsIt is our hope that through education and awareness we will be able to help our community deal effectively and positively with the act of bullying and its negative consequences.

Bullying is a learned behavior. Most experts agree that there are three components that make up the "bullying" behavior.

  • A difference in power between those being hurt and those doing the hurting.
  • Repetition of the hurtful behavior.
  • Intentional hurtful behavior towards the individual.
There are many different kinds of bullying – they all hurt! These include:
  • Hitting

Bullying can make someone feel unsafe or scared

  • Kicking
Bullying can be verbal
  • Pushing
Bullying can be physical
  • Shoving
Bullying can be social (shunning, ignoring or leaving someone out on purpose)
  • Threatening
Bullying can be in the form of cyberbullying (through the information and communication technologies of the Internet and smart phones)
  • Name calling
Bullying can be relational
  • Gossiping
Bullying can be in the form of making someone feel that they are not important.
People who bully think that it makes them important. But it really just makes them mean.
Bullying should not be considered a "normal" part of life.
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